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We offer free estimates and are happy to work with you to make sure your home is properly inspected.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who pays for the inspection when buying a house?

    The customer usually does.  On rare occasions the matter of payment to the inspector is settled at closing.

  • What are red flags in any home inspection?

    he customer should look for abbreviated comments, photographs, and videos. This may indicate that the inspector did not spend enough time in the home.

  • What does an inspector look for when inspecting a home?

    A professional home inspector will look for any cosmetic or failed systems in the home. This includes foundation, structural, roof drainage, electrical, plumbing, appliances, HVAC and general cosmetic appearance. Additionally, the inspector can look for deficiencies in all systems in detached structures, private waste disposal systems, swimming pools, and landscape and irrigation systems.

  • Who has to be present during the inspection?

    Only the inspector is required to be at the inspection. However, I do encourage the prospective buyer to be present at the end of the inspection, so that I may go through my findings and explain in person.

  • What if the inspection report reveals problems?

    If the inspection report reveals any problems, this will be reflected in the report itself.

  • What do inspectors look for when he/she is reporting for someone selling their house?

    The inspector working for someone selling a home will look for all defective or cosmetic issues in the home.

  • What Home Inspectors check swimming pools?

    Any home inspector trained in swimming pool evaluation is eligible for swimming pool reporting.

  • What does a pool inspector look for?

    A home inspector inspecting a swimming pool will look for any signs of water penetration or escape from the controlled environment. Masonry and decks are also included in the investigation. He/she will also look at electrical, pump and plumbing systems and give findings on that evaluation.

  • Who is responsible for fixing everything on home inspections?

    In most cases on my report, everything is not needed to be corrected. My reports are very comprehensive and the items listed are not all in need of repair. It is simply a report of anything that is not correct at the time of inspection. There can be items in the report that need to be corrected due to deficient operation or those that may be failing. In that instance, it is left up to the negotiation between the buyer and seller of the home as to who will repair the deficient items.

  • Who all will receive a copy of the home inspection report?

    The client is the owner of the report. In most cases, the agent of the client will receive the report as well. Any other person that wishes a copy of the report would contact the owner of the report.

  • What is included in a construction consulting service?

    Our construction consulting services involve expert guidance and recommendations throughout your construction project, ensuring quality and compliance with industry standards.

  • What types of properties do you inspect for commercial inspections?

    Our commercial inspections cover various property types, including offices, retail spaces, warehouses, and more.

  • How do pool inspections ensure safety and functionality?

    Our pool inspections assess pool equipment, water quality, and safety features to ensure your pool is safe and functional.

  • What certifications do your commercial inspectors hold?

    Our commercial inspectors hold industry-recognized certifications, ensuring their expertise in evaluating commercial properties.

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